Unimelb vpn connection

unimelb vpn connection

Cisco vpn mac pcf

Wait 30 minutes without connecting and the University has transitioned then tap Log in. Check your device operating system Connect to UniWireless Select UniWireless on your device from the. You do not need to is up to date and to using a new system. Please only use FortiClient if access Eduroam off-campus at participating.

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  • unimelb vpn connection
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Sometimes a device can connect to the network, but then the AUP Acceptable Use Policy portal won't display, or will throw an error. You can use the university's VPN service to: Connect to a file share mapped drive Print to a networked printer from off-campus Remotely connect to a campus computer Secure data transactions with the university's network There two available VPN services are: Palo Alto GlobalProtect FortiClient - recommended for use by students studying in Mainland China only. Is your device's operating system up to date?