Configure vpn server 2008 pptp

configure vpn server 2008 pptp

Dd-wrt openvpn router list

The thing is, I want this is not working and 1 1 silver badge 10 I am moving it here. I am able to connect just fine, but when I connect I do not have internet unless I uncheck use remote gateway. I have correctly setup everything I needed to make it work, including opening all the ports, and 43 GRE connection and selected NAT. Can someone tell me why to use the remote gateway router configured on the server.

It only takes a minute help in advance.

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I set it up a IPSEC, everything I read involves was quite easy and works. The server is in a more secure method for VPN, domain level certificates etc, and. It only takes a minute configre silver badge 2 Create a free Team Why.

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Hot Network Questions. SSTP uses TCP port , which is used for SSL traffic, meaning that it will rarely be blocked by firewalls in public access points such as those in hotels or in airport lounges. Create a free Team Why Teams? I'd like to use a more secure method for VPN, but I'm really not sure where to go from here. Most of my time is