Cisco 4451 x vpn performance benchmark

cisco 4451 x vpn performance benchmark

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4451 X Short Introduction
It says the is capable of a throughput maximum of Mbps and there's a license to upgrade it a full 1Gbps. The same thing for the I believe based on the license level of the hardware, you should see close to 1Gbps of crypto traffic throughput. The can do at least 2 Gbps of data. Cisco X ISR branch office router, with advanced features enabled, demonstrated 1 GB and 2 GB capacity as advertised. � Excellent performance of
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Updated: October 23, The problem is that the stateful config, which binds the crypto-map to an HSRP address, does not really do stateful failover. Cisco and Partner Services for the Branch Office. Skip to content Skip to search Skip to footer. Planning and design services align technology with business goals and can increase the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of deployment.